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Hanna was an outstanding therapist. She really helped me tune into what mental blocks I was suffering from and then give me practical tool to use in my everyday life. I was really looking for someone who would truly try to understand my personal experience and help me make significant changes to feel calmer, eat healthier and feel better about my body. She helped tremendously on all fronts. I am so grateful that I found her!

-Jenny L

Hanna is the best! She helped me so much with my relationship with food, particularly with my addiction to all things sugar. Gradually I am losing my excess pounds and best of all I am no longer carrying the constant mental weight of where am I going to get my next sugar fix. I feel more free than I have in years. Hanna is truly a gift!

– Roschelle S

After many years of smoking and trying to quit. I found Hanna through the website and made an appointment to quit smoking through Hypnotherapy. Hanna told me this would take three sessions. Session #1 Hanna told me I was done smoking, she had me crush my cigarettes and through them in the trash can. I sat in a chair as Hanna talked to me I felt safe and comfortable by the time she was done talking to me it had been about an hour. Hanna told me she would see me next week. And again told me I was done smoking. Keep in mind 20 minutes is a long time for me not to smoke. By the time I got home and had dinner I could not believe I didn’t want to smoke nor was I irritable or nervous. I went back for two more sessions and found Hanna to be very honest professional
and passionate about her work as a hypnotherapist. I have not smoked a cigarette since my first session with Hanna. I still have a hard time believing it as I was so hooked on them. Thank You Hanna Fox. I’m a true believer in Hypnotherapy.

– Charles W.

As a student and participant of hypnosis for over 50 years I feel I am qualified to give a testimonial. Here is my story. Hanna Fox is without a doubt a 5-star hypnotherapist. I had been trying to lose weight without much success. So I did research to find the best hypnotherapist in San Diego and determined Hanna Fox was that person. Three major events that Hanna Fox helped me overcome and solve. First I have been trying to lose weight without success and knew I was a perfect candidate for hypnosis. I went to Hanna Fox and went through four or five sessions and the weight started coming off. My eating habits changed and I was feeling great. I then had two different invasive surgeries scheduled. And since I don’t like anesthesia because it stays in the body for up to six months. I decided to do hypnosis again. I went back to Hanna Fox who worked with me putting me into a hypnotic state with powerful suggestions. She gave me a hypnotic dialog recording to listen to during surgery. The first surgery was a double Oral Surgery. They had to cut out two of my teeth. did the whole thing with hypnosis with no pain no complications and was able to go right home without having somebody take me. The second surgery was also invasive surgery and again with Hanna’s help I used hypnosis and the surgery was painless and I came out fine. Even the nurses were amazed. I have referred friends to Hanna. One of them was so excited at the results she had. She quit smoking and resolved her relationship issues. Today hypnosis is used for brain and back surgery by Ivy League medical centers. So if you are the type of person who always wants the BEST of things. Call Hanna.


I contacted Hanna through her website for a consultation for hypnosis for weight loss. The first time we met, I knew I made the right choice for my care. I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable talking and sharing my weight issues with her. Over the 8 weeks, she instilled in me a sense of awareness and love for myself. I was able to let go of negativity and focus on healing my heart and soul from family issues that have plagued me all my life. I am still a work in progress, and I am certainly not perfect at it, but I am on my way to a physically and mentally happier me!
Thank you, Hanna!

– Rita M.

My sessions with Hanna Fox have been immensely rewarding, to which I attribute her compassionate, knowledgeable, and very effective approach to hypnosis and emotional/energy healing. At times, just a statement by Hanna had a profound effect on my attitude. Our sessions resulted in some small, some profound changes with regard to healing, emotions, state of order, and connection with the support of nature (experienced by all, but often unappreciated).
Weight loss: Back on track, taking control of what/when/how I eat. I so highly recommend Hanna to help reestablish your connections with the inner Self.

– Peggy L.

Hi Hanna
I just want to drop you a note to tell you, I am doing fine.
I am using the tools you have given me I’ve even started helping my oldest grandson to realize a balloon to blow it up to relieve tension and tear on the pitcher’s mound. To breathe in blow up the balloon see it rise, turn take another breath, throw the ball to the catcher.

My dad’s wife got a lawyer which is a good thing. It took a lot off my shoulders. Still dealing with my Mothers.

I’ve had some moments but I go to my guide and think my special place to reset myself. Having another day I do what I want even if it’s nothing.
I got my first 5,684 steps in one day. Also back to water aerobics. I feel so much better.

Thank you for guiding to do what I need to and the tools to do it with.
Hope all is well with you grandson! They are such a joy.
You take care!


I’m realizing that I have experienced quite a few small and some profound changes in my life as a direct result of our sessions. Our sessions have had a very positive and rewarding effect on me, all thanks to you! In no particular order, here are some of the changes I’m experiencing:

After you did an energy healing for my abdominal distress on the 19th, I was pain free until the morning of 21st, when I had to cut my walk very short, returning home with nausea and pain, that lasted the entire day. However since the 22nd, I have had no pain or nausea!

I’ve taken back my self-referral. This is subtle, an attitude of greater comfort. Similar to the way I felt as a single mom, running my own life and truly from time to time. But it seems recently I’ve been accommodating too much.

I’m feeling more in touch with my emotions. A lifelong tendency of mine is to try to mask the more tender feelings,

I have a general feeling of order, gently putting things more in order in my home.

I have some tools for weight loss that I may have known about but haven’t used. I have begun a regimen with the Dukan Diet, one I’ve followed easily before but have been reluctant to do before I saw you… that’s why I called you! Now I feel ready to do it again, and do it right.

With love and gratitude,

– P.L.

Just checking in and saying hello! Number 3 went well last week. The side effects have not been severe, I still have hair! I seem to gain and lose about 4 pounds each week, but keeping my goal of three miles ( two dog walks and one me walk) has helped get the body to function.

I continue each night and sometimes mid-day to listen to my mindfulness tapes. It has helped with my poor sleep pattern and helps me to “settle” too.
I cut the steroid use by 1/3 and that seemed to help in the three days following each infusion. come Sunday I am back to normal.

Strange process – but I know it is just a process.

Looking back I am very thankful I did follow my intuitions and working with you was part of that. It was important for me to feel confident in my chores and that would not have happened with my “cluttered mind”.

You helped greatly in that endeavor! The back side of this is my rabbit hole art what I do when I am off-center.

– Diana

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